Online Movie Viewing: How Does It Work?

Free movie sites are increasingly popular in the modern day and age for those who don’t want to – or can’t afford to – pay for all of the quality movies, tv shows, and other digital viewable content floating around out there. However, there is a lot of ambiguity on the legality of many of these sites, and some – such as the iconic 123 movies – have been shut down and re-upped time and again as various countries bring their legal challenges to court. So, for all of those users who know what’s going on, but not quite how, we are here to break it down for you.

So…How Do Free Streaming Sites Work?

Free streaming sites are legally embattled more frequently, and in more ways, than many other kinds of websites out there. To avoid these legal battles, many free streaming sites have adopted a new mode of operation to cut down on the time spent offline:

  • Hosting content off-site: To avoid the legal kerfuffle, free streaming sites link to content held on a secondary website on a different server, so they don’t appear to claim ownership. Users will never see this second website, but it’s essential in getting your free movie fix.
  • Acting as a search engine: When users click that big green PLAY button in the middle of the screen, their movie is “searched” or linked from the aforementioned secondary background site.
  • Streaming through channels – and never touching the movie itself: Even though you’re on a free streaming website, that website never actually touches the movie. When you hit PLAY, the secondary background site streams the video straight to your computer, completely bypassing the first website in the process.

The process by which free movies are streamed is known online and in the business as file-sharing. The basic principle is that a file is hosted on one website, such as 123movies.go, and “shared” to another through a search engine-like function, hence the name. Though some users may question the process and legality, at the end of the day…free movies are worth it, are they not?


Films That Universal Is Counting On To Follow 1917’s Success

The movie industry is a tough market to be on. Even the biggest movie companies are on edge trying to replicate the success of a movie. There are several things that they would try and cast different individuals just to get it done. If they don’t, their competition would eat them alive and in this industry, getting eaten alive or left behind with blockbuster movies lessens your creditability to promote or create more movies in the future.

One of the biggest company names in the movie industry, without a doubt, is Universal Pictures. This is the same company that gave us the best blockbuster movies of all time. A good example would be in 1917. Now, the problem with success in the movie industry is making sure there would be continuity. If you have a successful movie like 1917, you are expected to replicate its success in your next movies.

How do they do this? They make sure that they are careful with what they choose to create next. It is not all about creating a good movie. It is all about creating the best movie that everyone will be willing to spend their money on. You have to consider several factors in doing this. A great movie does not simply drop out of thin air.

What are the factors to be considered? The storyline, the media appeal, and the cast. If you want to market your movie to the world, you have to consider these major factors. Notice how the budget is not included. If you are going for a blockbuster movie, you can’t let budget affect you. We all know that art will cost you money.

Making a movie is different from marketing them. You need to have separate teams for this. There are a lot of good movies that did not make it simply because it was not advertised enough. They spent most of their budget on making the movie and did not have enough to market them. You also need to target a larger audience. You have to think smart about what movie will sell to the many and not to the few. Consider the mainstream media and what does it stand for. Not everyone agrees on how it is being handled but everyone can surely make sure that they get their money out of it. You can earn a lot of money if you have all the pieces right.