Do They Make Movies Without CGI Effects Anymore?

Let us talk about superhero movies. How do they make it? How much time is required for them to create such amazing sequences? What are the actors doing to create such an effect? There are a lot of questions about how they can create these movies.

When we talk about these superhero movies, we all know that most of them are blockbuster movies with a few exceptions. One of the reasons why we love watching them on a big screen is because of different action sequences and because of our current technology, they seem to be more realistic now compared to before. Not in a real-life scenario but the way it is integrated into the real world seems legit.

CGI is the main reason for this. A lot of these superhero movies would depend heavily on editing. Ever see a movie set or a movie review wherein actors are acting with a green screen on the back? This is how they make these effects. Now, depending on how good your editor is, you will understand how this would work. You can create a new background or even a new world for the background.

Why do they use this? Aside from the fact that they are creating a new world, for normal movies that need a certain background of a place, it would be easier or cost less to shoot the movie this way instead of traveling miles away to the actual location. Talk about the logistics needed to make that happen. You will need to get your crew on a plane to another location and feed them as well. If you use this technique, all you need is a green room and good editors.

Everyone wants to see the excitement and something new in watching a certain movie. If you have good editors, you will eventually be able to portray this in a certain movie. You do not need to spend much on your budget and can allocate that money to other factors of the movie. You can cast better actors or simply use the money on marketing and advertisements. If the question is about authenticity, if you have good editors, you will never know the difference. It is a matter of editing and making sure that you can get the concept correct. You do not need it to be perfect, you just need to work for a certain scene. You need to do the editing frame by frame.